Kathryn R. Green

reimagining education through technology (and lots of coffee)

Katie is an expert in research-driven educational technology with a special interest in accessible and inclusive curriculum design.

Seeking to re-imagine the future of education through the thoughtful development of educational technology products and content that push the world forward.

hi! I'm Katie

Nice to meet you! I do a lot of things, but most of them are driven by my unwavering belief that a perfect world is built on access: to knowledge, and the kinds of learning opportunities that meet folks where they are and help them get where they want to be. (And also: access to unlimited coffee.)

That’s why I’ve spent most of my life – working and otherwise – focusing on learning myself, and seeing what it looks like in different contexts and for different people. As you can imagine, it takes on a lot of forms! But one consistent pattern I’ve noticed is that almost anyone can learn anything – all it takes is clear communication and thoughtful design.

That’s what I’m passionate about: re-imagining the ways we communicate and design inclusive, intentional learning environments – whether that means helping college professors redesign their courses for online deployment in a pandemic or just recommending resources for friends who want to improve their weekly trivia night standings.


Thank you

Educator: I’ve spent almost a decade working alongside faculty, students, and staff in higher ed, where I’ve done everything from designing program assessment to teaching in a pandemic.

Designer: With extensive experience in e-learning and accessible design strategies such as UDL, I am a passionate advocate for the advancement of forward-thinking UX content and design, and finding ways to make universal design more, well, universal.

Writer: I’m a talented and versatile writer proficient in researching, writing and editing diverse content, as well as communicating that content effectively and accessibly to diverse audiences.

Compulsive Book Buyer: Reading voraciously is the best way I know to become a better educator, writer, designer, and human being. Want to know what I’m reading now? Click this button for book recommendations and current reads.


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