On the whole, this project was really fun. I chose Powtoon because I’d never used it. I know, I know: trying something new when you’re working on a deadline is not the best practice. A couple of years ago, a student in my department used Powtoon in her honors thesis defense/presentation, and I thought it was such a cool, captivating way to present information to a general audience using the affordances of digital media (perfect for her, because her thesis centered on communicating science). So, I was excited to try it out for myself, since I knew going into this project that I wanted it to be something that was informative, easy to understand, and entertaining.

This project wasn’t without its challenges, though. I’m generally comfortable with video production (in my M.Ed., we regularly produced videos for everything from weekly discussions to quasi-webinars). However, coming up with a succinct, creative narrative of my research interests was a new experience. I also wanted to make it a cohesive video, not just a slideshow; unfortunately, my “vision” doesn’t always align with my skills and timeline, so finding that balance took some thought.

Once I figured out my story, though, it was smooth sailing. Turning my still-forming research interests into a cartoon helped me further clarify them, and I hope they come through just as clearly to the viewer.

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