selective focus photography of gray stainless steel condenser microphone

Completing this project felt challenging yet rewarding. I chose to interview my husband, Haynes, and his younger sister, Abigail, because I knew their experiences with motivation, technology and learning would offer a robust and nuanced look at the various roles of technology in education, specifically as it pertains to student motivation and engagement. I expected to be challenged in the pre- and post-interview stages: developing a protocol, coding the data, extracting themes, etc. I did not expect the degree to which their experiences would overlap in certain areas, or how difficult it would prove to narrow those themes into an overview no longer than five minutes. For example, had I not chosen to emphasize the role of technology in my final production, I could have easily produced a piece on the roles of collaboration and scaffolding in their experiences of motivation. Within the bounds of this project, the affordances of technology greatly enhanced each step. In some ways, this production was more time-consuming and exacting than a written report might have been. However, the ability to record a conversation rather than take detailed notes allowed me to really engage with Haynes and Abigail, digging deeper on some questions or going off script without feeling disorganized. This capacity meant I could explore offshoots of my original protocol in ways that gave me a much better understanding of their perspectives. Except for the microphone and laptop, these interviews were much more like really good conversations, to the benefit of my final production.

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